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Love Children Dancing? Why Not Start Your Own Dance Classes?

If you love to dance and dance well and you love children dancing, why not take that love and talent and share it with children who love to dance? Starting up your own dance classes really isn't all that hard to do, especially if you can gain access to a dance studio or a community center open and w ...more

Five Important Steps for Opening Your Own Dance Studio Academy

If you are a well trained experienced dancer you might be dreaming of opening up your own dance studio academy. This can be a really exciting idea and process, however, there are a few important steps that you will need to make sure take place in order to insure your success in this type of a ventur ...more

Black & White Netherlands Dance Theatre

Truly Amazing! We love the drums!  ...more

Tips on How to Dance

If you haven't done much dancing and perhaps have been invited by friends to go out dancing, you might be feeling a little awkward. Even if you don't really know how to dance you shouldn't give up the opportunity to have some fun going out on the town with friends. Here are a few tips on how t ...more

Tips For Your Ballroom Dance Lessons

Before you go out and take some ballroom dance lessons, you might want to consider going over a few dancing tips or pointers so that you might be a little ahead of the game before you get there. That way you also will impress the instructor as well. Probably one of the most important things to ...more

So, Why Learn to Dance?

So the question is, why learn to dance? This is probably the most common question asked by a person considering dancing. It's an important question as well. Anyone looking to learn the art of dancing should ask it. The key here is not should you learn to dance but why do you want to learn, is there  ...more

Marketing Your Ballroom Dancing Lessons

If you have decided to give ballroom dancing lessons you are going to need dancers and to get dancers you are going to have to market your lessons. It is important to advertise and promote your lessons in order for you to get them to come and you to make a little money. One of the first things ...more

How to Give Salsa Dance Lessons From Your Home

The art of dance is probably a field that simply doesn't get enough recognition, a good example of that is so many schools everyone are getting rid of the arts to focus more on academics and sports. So, you might be a person that loves to dance, is good at it and would love to try and keep a part of ...more

Choosing from a Variety of Different Dance Lessons

Whether you are interested in just learning some new dance steps or becoming a dancer, there is plenty on offer. There are six top dance styles that you might want to check out first before you make a decision. Especially if you are considering dance as a career. Ballroom Dancing – If  ...more

How to Open Your Own Dance Studio

Considering opening your own dance studio in Brisbane can really be an exciting idea. However, there are several steps you will need to take in order to make sure that your studio is a success. Being able to share your love for dance will take you a long way but also remember that a dance studio is  ...more

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