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Five Important Steps for Opening Your Own Dance Studio Academy

If you are a well trained experienced dancer you might be dreaming of opening up your own dance studio academy. This can be a really exciting idea and process, however, there are a few important steps that you will need to make sure take place in order to insure your success in this type of a venture. By sharing your extreme love of dance can take you a long way but a dance academy is a real business and like all businesses you are going to need a good plan and design and getting the word out as well as keeping things running smoothly after you have opened the doors to your dance studio academy. The few steps offered below are to try and help you strategize a way to make your academy a profitable business venture.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare you business plan for your dance studio academy. You will need to make sure that you find a good location for it. This is essential for your success. You are going to more than likely want a spot where it is in or near a commercial center of the city and it will need enough parking as well. However, if the studio is located on a really busy street you can take advantage of foot traffic because if you have the studio well advertised from the street people will notice it walking by as well as driving by. It's a good idea to consider designing a very nice attractive and eye catching sign that will get the attention of people passing by. You will also need to take into consideration how much space you are going to need for actual dancing, the lighting which should be as natural as possible and enough room for a waiting area and a dressing room for your dancers.

Also included in your plan should be the kind of classes that you will be offering students, what age group or groups you want to teach as well as how often you offer the classes. Once you have done this you can start sketching out a class schedule.

The next step you want to do is begin creating a design for your studio. What kind of a look and feel do you want the dance studio academy to have. For instance if you want to specialize in ballet classes for young girls you may want to paint the studio in feminine colors such as pastels like lilac or pink or decorate with feminine wall murals, or inspiring dance posters. Whatever the theme is that you want, your final goal is to make sure that your academy is somewhere that students are going to feel comfortable at and will want to return.

The actual layout of the studio is also very important. Most of them will have a reception area where they can check in and pay for their classes, a restroom, dressing room and even a waiting area where their family or friends can sit and enjoy watching the classes if they want them to be there. Some studios even have a boutique that offers students dance apparel, music, videos and dance supplies as well as dance related gifts for sale.

A nicely planned dance studio academy is going to require the proper dance equipment like a sprung wood floor, mirrors and a good sound system. A sprung wood dance floor is flooring that is cushioned to help protect dancers joints and can be bought as a kit you can install or have professionally installed. The mirrors for the studio should be floor to ceiling and if you are teaching ballet you will need to have ballet barres that can be attached to the walls or are freestanding. The sound system will also need enough power to it to fill the space of the studio and it should be able to support mp3 players or computers.

Another important step you need to take is marketing and promotion of your studio. You need to get the word out because this is going to be a vital part of getting your students. You are going to need an interesting and appealing logo to put on all of the material you might have printed out for your marketing and this would include your business cards, official letterhead, fliers and brochures. Make sure to offer all new students some sort of incentives on all the marketing material that you produce. You are more than likely going to draw in more students if you are offering for instance their first class free or offer special discounts.

Don't forget to also promote your studio online as well. You should definitely create a website for the studio that has the class schedules, your pricing, your dance bio and photos. You might also want to list your studio in your local business directories, local schools and of course in any dance related directories you might know of in the area.

Make sure you have an interesting grand opening that might have free demonstrations on dance, lectures and don't forget to consider giving giveaways, all of which can draw attention to your new dance studio. You might even consider offering a free workshop at a community center or perform at a local event.

Make sure that you also understand this is a business and you will have to keep up with that as well. This includes bookkeeping, mailing lists, the class schedules and information management. All of this can be quite time consuming so you might want to consider opting for some management software to help with this or hiring someone to do the office work needed to keep the business going.

Final Note: Make sure that the music you offer is inspirations because the music collection is going to help drive your classes. This means you will need to continually look for new music to add to your music list. Make sure to listen to each song you run across very closely before you actually decide to download the music. Once you download music you should then arrange the different songs to suit each class and create a playlist on an mp3 player, computer or iPod.

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