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How to Open Your Own Dance Studio

Considering opening your own dance studio in Brisbane can really be an exciting idea. However, there are several steps you will need to take in order to make sure that your studio is a success. Being able to share your love for dance will take you a long way but also remember that a dance studio is also a business and you need to have the right plan, design, publicity and a way to keep things running smoothly before you even open your doors.

The first thing you need to do for your dance studio in Brisbane is prepare a plan. You need to find the right location and probably a spot that is in an area of town that is somewhat busy and has plenty of parking for your dance students. Being a busy part of town you will also be able to attract some foot traffice as well. Another thing you need to consider is how much room you need, the lighting, a restroom and enough room to make a dressing room as well as perhaps a waiting area.

The next thing you need to consider is what kind of classes you are going to want to teach, what age groups and how often you are willingn to give the lessons.

Once you have your plan down for your dance studio in Brisbane you are going to want to design your studio. What kind of a look do you want it to have. For example if you are going to specialize in teaching young girls ballet you might want to make sure the studio is painted in pastel colors that girls like such as pink or lilac or you can decorate the walls with murals, hang up ballet costumes or put up dance posters for inspiration. The goal is simply to make whomever you are teaching feel comfortable and want to return next time.

Your studio layout is important as well. Often studios will have reception areas where the dance students will check in and maybe pay for classes, then a changing or dressing room, a restroom and a nice waiting area for family and friends to sit comfortably and watch the class if they prefer. Some studios even have small boutiques in them that sell different kinds of dance apparel, videos, music, dance equipment and even dance related gifts.

You also will need the right kind of dance equipment for your studio. You should have sprung wood floors, mirrors and a good sound system. The sprung wood floor is necessary to protect the joints of all the dancers.

The next t hing is to promote your dance studio. You need to get the word out, this is vital in order to be a success. You should come up with a logo that you can put on all your printed materials like business cards, fliers, business letterhead, and brochures. Consider offering new student incentives such as offering their first class free or at least at a special discount.

Make sure to also take advantage of the Internet and promote online as well. You should create a website for your dance studio that has yoru bio and a variety of photos. List your business in your local business directories as well. Don't forget to include schools as well as dance related business directories.

Try networking to also promote yourseslf. Any good business person knows that if you create good relationships with the public. If you create a community within your studio for the students and the public more people are going to find out about your studio. Join business groups, parenting groups or even church groups can help get the news out.

Make sure you have a grand opening that includes demonstrations, lectures and even some free giveaways. If you give, you often will get people interested in getting involved with what you have to offer.

It is important that you always remember that it is a business and there are things that have nothing to do with dancing that need to be done such as bookkeeping. If you don't know anything about keeping books then consider hiring a bookkeeper. Also you will need to maintain mailing lists, your class schedules and advertising. All of this is time consuming but needs to be done in order to keep your studio running.

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